Outdoor Metallic Chair

Tomeo is an outdoor metal chair made from bent metal pipes. It is a light and stackable chair initially designed for restaurant terraces as an alternative to plastic chairs. The aim was to design a chair that would be appealing both in the eyes of the consumer but also in the eyes of the industrialist. Considerable effort was dedicated to keep the chair relatively easy to manufacture.

Tomeo’s uniqueness comes from its original structure. Considerable attention was dedicated to the look, which had to be simple but contemporary. Indeed, many pieces of metallic furniture on the market are strongly inspired from older designs from the 20th century. Tomeo is truly different from what already exists because the design itself questions the traditional chair structure. Tomeo’s structure has a surprising and innovative geometry which clearly differentiates it from other products on the market. It is as if the skeleton of the chair has come out of its body: the seat is narrower than the backrest at the rear and the chair legs jut out towards the sides. The armrests protrude from the backrest at a forty-five-degree angle to meet the front chair legs. The feet of which are directly below the front edge of the seat giving the impression that the seat and the backrest are suspended inside the structure.