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Children Furniture

Translucent Red and Yellow Child Chair with Bulky Legs on a white backgroung

Niki is a children’s chair with bulky cylindrical legs roto-molded in translucent plastic. This design is a school project where the topic was to design a chair for a leading Italian brand. I chose to design a children’s chair for Magis, the iconic brand of contemporary furniture. A deep admiration for the little Puppy by Eero Aarnio inspired the design of a chair that would be in the same playful design language.

Marker Art representing The Eero Aarnio's Puppy - Keith Haring's Balloon dog - Banksy Heart Balloon

This design claims the heritage of Pop Art and of artists like Keith Haring or Niki de Saint Phalle who used to play with proportions and give exaggerated features to the characters. The bulky legs use this approach to give a touch of humor and easiness to the product.

Marker Research Sketch of the Niki Chair

Polystyrene scale models

Red Child Chair with Bulky Legs
Red Child Chair with Bulky Legs on profile view
Red Chair With Bulky Legs inside a Colorful Mid-Century Interior
puppy guimauve.jpg
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