Porada Design Award Application

Sideboard wearing climbing plants original design by Hugo Charlet

Old houses and ancient objects have an undefinable charm thanks to the print of time. The natural beauty and appeal of vegetation is something designers will never be able to replace. What comes out of the mind and the pen of an artist will never surpass the perfection of millions of years of evolution.  And a skilled cabinetmaker’s work will never be more neat than what has slowly grown during tens of years.

Sideboard wearing climbing plants original design by Hugo Charlet

This furniture design project has been designed for the Porada design Award 2019. The theme was to reinvent the traditional sideboard. I chose to work on the integration of plants in an indoor furniture.

The sideboard Feuillage is not a simple furniture on which you can lay or hang a plant. This furniture merges with the plants that climb on the trellis formed by the wooden frame. With time, the climbing plant grows, and the sideboard gets more and more beautiful. This furniture does not have an immutable shape decided by the designer but is in constant metamorphosis.

Porada's interior scenario with original sideboard designed by Hugo Charlet in the back