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Secretary desk

bureau rendu 11.jpg

The office is a piece of furniture that is making a comeback in our interiors due to the democratization of teleworking. More and more workers express the desire to be able to work from home several days a week. It is to respond to this societal trend that I designed the Eloi desk. I wanted to create a desk that was very functional but yet very elegant and which was not just a useful piece of furniture. It is a desk that we highlight in our living room and not that we hide in our bedroom.

This ergonomic and elegant desk is a decorative object as much as a working tool. It is designed to perfectly meet the needs of a tele-worker in terms of surface area and storage. It has a space to store chargers and electric cables

bureau rendu 9.jpg
bureau rendu 3.jpg
bureau rendu 4.jpg
bureau rendu 5.jpg
bureau rendu 6.jpg
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